Twinkies Strikes Gold–The Best Olympics Ad You Wont See

1 Aug

Perhaps one of the best advertisements of the Olympics is one you won’t see on NBC.

The folks from Hostess have created a whimsical and brilliant social media film that simply says there are Olympians… and then there’s the rest of us.  And for the rest of us, there is a special golden reward—Twinkies.


The ad created by the Berstein-Rein agency takes the well established Theory of Trying and turns it on its head.  (Think Home Depot: “You can do it, we can help.)

But as fun as this ad is to watch, it’s also a strategically smart piece of communication and critically timed as Hostess goes through bankruptcy.  It targets every person who has tried at something and failed.  Because that includes most of us, it guarantees that fans of the ad will share it on social media.

Additionally, it speaks to what marketers would call lapsed users—consumers who haven’t bought Twinkies in a while. It reminds them that Twinkies are still here, still good, still golden.

So go ahead, treat yourself. (You know you want to)


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