The Best Beer Ad You Wont See in America

15 Sep

            Leave it to the Aussies to take an American cliché and turn it on its head.   

            The folks at Carlton Draught and their ad agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have cleverly mocked every Hollywood cops & robbers schema in an ad they call “Beer Chase.”  

            The chase scene is not only fun to watch but is exceptionally strategic.  Its target audience is social media savvy urban men who are beer drinkers and prefer their suds from a tap instead of a can.  It even has a unique selling proposition: beer so good you don’t want to spill a drop. 

            Part of Carlton’s brand is its reputation for quirky ad campaigns that its loyalists have come to expect.  In this age of social media, “Beer Chase” hits that brand sweet spot by encouraging fans and non-fans alike to virally share the ad among friends. 

            When was the last time we saw an American brewer with an ad like this?           

            It’s Brilliant!  Oh wait… that’s been taken.

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