Social Media Engagement — Timing is Everything

12 Apr

Social media channels can be part of a great business strategy to engage customers.  Followers who like and share your posts create the ultimate popularity contest—especially if they help spread the word of great customer service, a product or sale that hits their value driven sweet spot.

But as a matter of tactics, is there a day or time to best reach your customers?

Conducting some good consumer research of your target audience could help reveal those moments of opportunity.  But without that research, the folks at Kissmetrics give us a couple of guideposts, especially with Facebook.

  • Saturday is the best for sharing
  • The best time of the day is the hours leading up to noon, and then again around the dinner hour
  • At least one post every other day generates the most “likes.”

But it’s also vitally important for businesses to remember that there is a reason why this platform is called “social” media.   Those businesses that use social networking sites (SNS) as a traditional one-way communications channel will not get encouraging results.  However, those who use SNS as means to listen and interact with their customers are likely to have more success.   It’s one thing to post content, it’s another to immediately respond to customer comments and feedback.

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